How To Attract More Customers To Your Website – Newbie Guide

It could be a lot intimidating to start your first business. How can I get my brand out there? Where should I advertise my products? How much should I shell out?

First steps are the hardest, but having your own website would be the key ingredient to having an online presence.

Now that you have your website, you need to understand that this is your most powerful tool for you to stay competitive in the industry. We are giving you the most fundamental pointers you need to know in how to attract more traffic to your website.

1. Build an eye catching homepage.

Layout your homepage to where people can understand what the website is all about. Professional web designers will always give their best efforts in creating the most creative and eye catching graphic designs and layout on your home page. Affordable Web Design Services are readily available. Invest in hiring the best web design company.  Wheel your best items or offers on your homepage. Nothing  catches  your client’s attention better than an attractive landing page on your website, well


2. Blogging is key

Blogging is by a long shot one of the essential element in how to drive traffic to your website. Informative content and well-layouted blogs is what drives your customers in staying longer in your site and improve customer engagement. Keeping your site visitors lingering in your website through providing them with information they need may help increase their interest in your products and services.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has been tried and tested to increase your online presence by driving traffic to your Website. Social Media sites has the highest percentage of customer engagement and by directing traffic to your website through posts, comments, bio and your profile, you’ll definitely drive potential clients to your website.

4. List your Business in Google

Google my business is free! Can you imagine a greater opportunity than that? Create your google my business accounts now and make sure to include your business website in order to attract more customers to your website. Make sure you verify the listing and keep it updated. This will help people spot your business easier with their google searches.

5. Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of a trendiest marketing strategy that has come up in the recent years. Use your creativity in creating videos that you know will attract people. Connect with people and know what they are looking for. Investing on hiring affordable graphic designers/ Video editors or animators to make your videos look professional would help attract views. Video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo is definitely a useful tool for you to attract more customers to your website.